1. sunnyhiker said: Just wanted to tell you your climbing pictures are awesome and make me want to get out and climb!

    Glad I could help inspire. Get out there and do it!


  2. I won’t be posting for the next few weeks because I’m taking some wildlife classes in the middle of nowhere! Limited connection, but unlimited adventures, as always. Much love. :)

  3. celestialsloth:

    Epic trad climbing this weekend in Pembroke!

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  5. alpinistoamericano:

    My friends are more badass than I am.

    It’s time to up my game.

    *jumps out window*

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  6. happinessisthepath:

    yesterday, I checked out Auburn Quarry for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I got inspired by Animal Style, the shortest line in Horseshoe Canyon (perfect for a endurance-less bolt-clipper like me!). I sussed out all of the moves, but I ran out of mental focus, power, and psyche before I could send. I’m really excited to go back and tick this one! thanks to the lovely @tabstagram1 for the picture and the patient belays! and thanks to @skratchlabs for keeping me hydrated all day, as per the usual! (at Auburn State Recreation Area)

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  7. patagonia:

    Nothing like a fresh cup of joe before a day of climbing.

    Photo creds: Dan Holz


  9. house-under-a-rock:

    Bouldering in South Korea

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  12. sublim-ature:

    Ibex in French Alps, France
    Jean-François Neu

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    Patagonia, Argentina
    Fernando Toucedo

  14. house-under-a-rock:

    Hazel Findlay at the belay of Cerberus (5.11d, 8 pitches) in Squamish, Canada

    I mostly go from trip to trip, so I very rarely climb in the gym, just when I go home and the weather’s bad. I do sport climb a lot more now and I really enjoy it, it helps me get fitter, but it also helps me to appreciate my love of trad and adventure. After sport climbing for a few weeks I get really psyched to climb long routes, or be in the mountains or climbing choss, or be high above my gear, and this is great because you really do need to be psyched for those things!

    source | photo: Malcolm Scott

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  15. house-under-a-rock:

    The Villa 5.12a, Bukhansan Mountain, Insubong Peak, South Korea